Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jaggar's new friends.....

About a week before Christmas, when all the shopping had been done, Hannah announced she wanted a hermit crab. Typical.

So, even though I was NOT going to buy one, I knew she could get one with some gift cards. December 26 we loaded up and headed to Pet Smart.
She found the one....Hermie. We brought him home, planning on using a small fish tank we had for his new home.
Hermie really went crazy when I took him from his container and put him in the tank.
Jaggar was so excited. He loved his new friend!
Here is Hermie, getting a drink.....or something.
Hannah did so much research about hermit crabs. I did none.
A good friend of mine has some and she said they basically did nothing.

Based on Hermie's actions I wasn't so sure.
Jaggar wasn't either.
Hermie eventually settled down, but did trash his tank. I realized that Hermie probably needed a bigger tank. Chloe realized that she wanted one also. Back to Pet Smart....
Home with a bigger tank, more supplies and Eugene. Eugene never acted like Hermie. Now they both do nothing. Jaggar is really bored with his new friends. He does like to sit on top of the tank though.

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