Tuesday, May 1, 2012


For Hannah's birthday she really wanted a hamster. Her birthday isn't until the end of May, but we decided to get her "gift" early. Chloe had some of her birthday money left and she decided to get one also. So, we now have Bella (Hannah's hamster) and Skittles (Chloe's hamster). Most of the pictures were taken by Hannah :)

 The cages were on the table but a certain cat, PIPER!!, knocked the cage over when we weren't home. Jaggar was asleep and quite honestly doesn't have the ambition to knock over a cage. Luckily the hamster stayed in it.

Later this month we'll be having Hannah's "kid" party at the Great Escape Lodge Indoor Water Park and then her "family" party at Woodford State Park. Meme & Papa are camping there so we decided that would be a great place for a birthday party! Unfortunately Hannah's class trip to the Statue of Liberty was canceled due to financial reasons. We plan to take the kids there sometime, so she'll get to see it. Hannah is enjoying the Girls On The Run program. This is a program for girls and it's all about "girl" things. An excellent program and I'm glad she's doing it.
Also this month Chloe will be going camping for a night with her 6th grade class. They all worked really hard to raise the money for the trip. They have two busy days planned out at the camp. It should be a good time.
Both girls have finished taking the NY state exams and feel they did well. Dillon doesn't have exams in Kindergarten. Also coming up this month is the girls Spring concert. They will both be singing and Chloe will be playing the trumpet. Dillon doesn't have a Spring concert.
Dillon is improving at school. He is getting his schoolwork done quicker and I believe lunch is being eaten faster (he gets distracted so easily). His teacher is getting him ready for first grade! Back in January Dillon started taking Kung Fu. He is very good at it and continues to go every week. We were advised to avoid Little League for Dillon. The doctor said Little League has too much "down time" for him. Lots of time standing around doing nothing. That's NOT for Dillon.
So that's what's going on for us!

Here are a few pictures from Easter morning.

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