Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hannah's 6th Birthday party

The birthday girl!!!
Hannah going down the slide with the sprinkler spraying it and everything around it.

Chloe running through the sprinkler. For those not in our area, it is 66 degrees and windy!!!

Chloe, Charity and Kyndra in the hammock.

Kyndra, Chloe and cousin McKenna in the hammock.

Dillon's first try at the trampoline. Needless to say he loves it. Something else to trip over in the livingroom!!

Chloe, Dillon and Kyndra enjoying the cake and ice cream.

Hannah blowing out the candle with cousin Ida.

The party scene.

A new sprinkler!!
Time to open presents!

The birthday girls turn.

Guess who is in the wagon??? He has those girls wrapped around his finger!

The girls swinging.

Oh, girls.....

Alvin and the Chipmunk movie Chloe got Hannah. Chloe was dying to see this movie too.

Hannah and her new desk.

Today we celebrated Hannah's 6th birthday. She actually turns 6 on Thursday the 29th. We got her a desk that she has been asking for and painted it her favorite color, purple. We had friends, family and neighbors over to celebrate. Dillon woke up from his nap to everyone at the party. He handled it very well. Smiled and went on his way to enjoy the party. Hannah got a lot great new toys. Thanks!!

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