Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dillon's Second Birthday Party...

On Saturday we celebrated Dillon's second birthday. The "usual" party group was here except Dillon's true love, McKenna (his cousin). McKenna's brother was having his high school graduation party. Dillon didn't understand how to open presents at first, but a little help from the girls and he quickly learned how.
The kids all love these exercise balls. One just wasn't enough.

Yes, this is the kid that is an extremely picky eater, eating a birthday present!

This wagon provides so much fun. That and a sprinkler and you have a successful party!

A meeting of the minds. God help us!!!

More fun with the sprinkler.

I have no idea what was said to these girls to get this type of reaction. Perhaps they were asked to do something?????

Yeah!! Papa made it in time for the party!

Present time! Dillon got lots of help from his sisters, friends and cousins.

Dillon looking for more presents. Like he needed anymore!!

Time for cake.
Dillon hates cake. He preferred watermelon and strawberries. He couldn't believe we would even put cake on his tray!

Hannah and cousin Mattison sharing a moment.

Dillon getting some lawn work done with his new lawn mower. It had gotten too hot for a shirt!

Dillon in his new Sponge Bob pajamas playing with his new helicopter.

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