Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Field Days

Chloe and Hannah have "Field Days" at school this week. Yesterday (Monday) was Hannah's day. I went. Took many pictures. Came home and accidentally deleted ALL of them. I was sooooo mad. Today was Chloe's day. I went. Took many pictures. Came home and successfully put them on the computer. There were a variety of fun games. The kids had a great time. So here are a few pictures from today's events.

Darr, Chloe and Charity getting ready for the "blindfold maze".
Chloe and Charity
Chloe playing a ball-scooter game
Chloe doing a relay race that involved getting dressed and undressed in too big clothes.
Chloe and Charity after the "sponge game".

After field days I went and had lunch with Chloe. While I was there I took a picture of Hannah and Ida who were just finishing up lunch.

Dillon seems to be getting better. He doesn't seem to be eating a whole lot, but I think his throat may still be sore. His cough is much less, however his nose is now running! Poor boy can't win. I didn't bring him to field days either day because it really wouldn't be much fun for him. He would've been in the stroller for 2 hours. Not his idea of fun. Even sick, he likes to be on the go. Plus he is having a few more tantrums than normal!
Tonight we are off to the Girl Scout "end of the year banquet". Dillon will be a "big" hit there I bet!!!

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