Monday, September 29, 2008

The Circus....

Man on tiny bike riding through fire.
Dillon (being still) and Darr.
Chloe and the "nose".
Dillon and the "nose" that lights up.
Ida and the "nose" and elephant and Gramie.
Hannah didn't want to wear the "nose".

Chloe on the way to the circus. Actually it could be anywhere. She falls asleep like this within minutes of being in the car.
Dillon usually only falls asleep at nap time, which it was.
Hannah NEVER falls asleep.
Gramie, Grampie and Dillon watching the show.

We spent Sunday afternoon at the circus, even though Dillon called it a birthday party. He says that so clear. I'm not sure where that came from because he hasn't been to one in a while. The kids loved, loved, loved it. They were so happy about the circus. Dillon spent his time going between me, Darr and Grampie. (And dancing of course).

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