Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday at Six Flags.....

On Saturday we went to Six Flags Great Escape Amusement Park. Holly (Darr's sister) was able to get us cheap tickets. Me, Darr, Chloe, Hannah and Chloe's friend Jordin went and we met Holly and Ida there. Where's Dillon you ask??? With Meme. As I have mentioned before he is afraid of rides and HATES being confined to a stroller. I refuse (unless I have to) to take him somewhere where he is going to be miserable and make everyone else miserable. He just isn't one of those kids you can take everywhere-Chloe was/is. Hannah-kind of.
So of course the kids LOVED the rides. I think one of their favorites was the Raging River. I wasn't sure Hannah was going to be too thrilled about getting water sprayed in her face, but little did I know, she loved it. They also went on lots of roller coasters. They loved "driving" cars around a track. God help us when Chloe and Jordin can drive. Consider yourselves warned, they are both turning 9 soon, so you have about 7 years!!!
For lunch we went to a BBQ buffet that was included with our ticket price. Later in the day we had ice cream (you can tell by Hannah's shirt :)
Fun was had by all. As reported by Meme and Papa, Dillon too, had a great day.

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