Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hannah and Dillon....

Making a video of Dillon is almost impossible. Every time I get the camera out he stops what he's doing and gives me that silly smile. For this video I left the camera on the desk without him noticing.

Today the girls are having Charity and Mikayah over, so they will have a fun afternoon. Dillon too :) Also (a bit late) but we want to congratulate Charity and Mikayah on becoming big sisters! Quinten Trace was born on March 16. Cute, healthy baby boy :)

Tomorrow the girls are having a sleep over at Meme and Papa's house. They were going to be spending Saturday there while we take Dillon to Playhouse Disney, but they somehow turned it into a sleep over......big surprise. For dinner we are planning on going to Bob's Lunch....opening day.....can't wait!

On Sunday we are ALL going to church. The press will be there. They are intrigued by our minister who was once a journalist. Any locals reading this, feel free to join us. The "white" church in town.

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