Monday, April 6, 2009

Last weekend....

Last weekend we took Dillon to Playhouse Disney. He was pretty good even though he really wanted Imagination Movers. Pictures aren't the greatest because they didn't want any flashes being used. It was a very cute show. The girls spent the day with Meme. After the show me and the girls went to Bob's Lunch for dinner. Meme went too.

On Sunday we were off to church. Dillon made it through the whole service for the first time! He even took communion. After church we went to the Guatemalan Fundraiser. The kids had a great time. Dillon played his own game which worked out great. The girls played all of the other games and got some prizes. We ran into our friend Debbie who has three children, one of which was adopted from Guatemala. He's about 2 weeks older then Dillon. It was a huge success!

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