Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009....

The Halloween festivities this year started Thursday at preschool. Dillon was a cowboy and REALLY enjoyed his party. They sang Halloween songs, played games, had pictures taken and of course had some sweet treats to eat.
****Chloe was home sick Thursday with a fever and sore throat.****
Friday evening, (****Chloe was better, went to school and was fine****) was the Halloween festival at the girls school. Chloe went off with her friends, playing games and having fun. Hannah and Dillon stayed with us, doing the same. I guess we're not cool enough for Chloe and her friends :) Dillon and Hannah did see some of their friends as well.
Saturday, Halloween day, was quiet except for the pending excitement of trick-or-treating. At dinner time ****Chloe said she wasn't hungry....NOT like Chloe. Shortly after that she was not well at all. She had spiked a fever, was coughing, sneezing and just felt horrible. Poor kid even said she didn't want to go trick-or-treating! ****So Meme came over for about an hour while we took Hannah and Dillon out. They were able to get enough candy for everyone. When we got home Chloe was feeling much better....the ibuprofen had done its job.
Now, Sunday morning she seems fine. We've given her ibuprofen and Tylenol and really expect her to be fine. Our concern is, is it H1N1?? Our friends daughter has it now and I think lots of kids probably do. Especially after the Halloween party at school. Chloe is staying home from school tomorrow to go to the pediatrician to find out what they think and we will go from there. If it is H1N1, then I think she will have to stay home from school for a few days, until she is no longer contagious. Hopefully this passes quickly and doesn't get the rest of us, especially Hannah who has a febrile seizure history. We DO have H1N1 shots/nasal mist scheduled for this week and we have already had flu shots. Hannah has gymnastics starting Monday and Chloe has a dentist appointment on Thursday....if she's not sick. The dentist isn't our usual one because he doesn't PULL TEETH. Yes, poor Chloe has to have 8, yes 8 baby teeth pulled. So Thursday we will be scheduling that.
Snack time at the Halloween party!
Dillon a "bit" excited.

"Most" of the CUTE :)

A cowboy delivering mail!

Dillon in Evan's mail truck costume.
Dillon outside at preschool, after the party.

Apple game
Snack time at Dillon's preschool Halloween party. Molly's mom made awesome cupcakes!!

Hannah's school Halloween snack.

Chloe the vampire on Halloween eve, going to the Halloween party at school. Why does it look like there is a pink ladybug behind her????

Hannah and Dillon ready to head out trick-or-treating.

Hannah, the pink ladybug on Halloween

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