Monday, November 2, 2009

Illness update....

Today, Monday, Hannah woke up with a very low grade fever. I gave her ibuprofen and kept her (and Chloe) home from school today with the plan to head to the pediatrician. Chloe has continued to get worse. Fever, cough, sore throat and just feeling terrible.
The diagnosis: Chloe-some type of flu, probably H1N1 and pneumonia
Hannah- a cold
Dillon-NOTHING (he didn't even go to the doctor)
One out of three's not so bad!
So Chloe is on an antibiotic and I'm sure she will bounce back quickly. At her recheck in 2 weeks she will get a H1N1 vaccination. Her dentist appointment for Thursday will have to be canceled until next week. That will make her happy :)
Hannah and Dillon will be getting their H1N1 vaccination on Wednesday.
Parent teacher conferences tomorrow for both girls. At least I know that will be good news.

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Jenna said...

so sorry to hear that. We have been sick around here too.