Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Haircuts & Happenings....

Well, Hannah wanted him to have a mohawk, but I think it's too cold?? So he ended up just getting the back and sides shaved and nothing done to the top. It really looks good. Plus I heard from another mother at preschool that her daughter announced she would marry Dillon, so he should look good for his engagement.


Hannah hates, I mean hates to have her hair brushed. So that is why we keep it a bit short. She just got a trim. Here she is enjoying an occasional treat of chocolate chip pancakes. That would be chocolate on her lip :) We are very excited about the play at school that Hannah will be in. She starts rehearsal soon.

Here is another picture of Chloe's new hair style. It is a bit shorter in the back then the front which looks so cute. She had been wanting to donate her hair for awhile. In March she has her Odyssey of the Mind competition. So she and her team have been working hard on that.

I don't have a current picture of Darr, but he is getting his haircut tomorrow. Maybe I should take his picture then? Anyway, he is really enjoying his new job as a RN on the oncology floor at the hospital. I will say it has been an adjustment going from him home most of the time to now being gone most of the time, but we're all doing well.

I too got my haircut yesterday, but kind of like Hannah's, it's pretty unnoticeable and like Darr I don't have a picture.  I still work occasionally at the funeral home. The rest of my days are here at home with the kids. All is well with me.

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