Friday, February 19, 2010

Swimming in February ???

Yesterday, Thursday, Darr took his RN exam in Albany. We decided that it would be fun for the kids (who are on vacation from school this week) to stay in a hotel....with a pool. We checked in and headed for the pool. After that we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, which was really good. We all decided to bring our desert back to the hotel with us. We each picked a slice of our favorite cheesecake. There were lots to choose from!
Bright and early, Darr and girls went to the lobby for breakfast (they brought it back to the room). Then Darr went and took his exam. The exam site was in the next building over, so Darr didn't have to go far. While he was taking the exam I took the kids swimming. Dillon was able to help Fred, the maintenance man, take care of the pool and hot tub. Lucky Fred. Dillon sang to him the whole time. Fred seemed to enjoy it.
Darr was only gone about an hour. He finds out if he passed on Saturday (which won't come soon enough....Good luck MarC, your day is coming soon).
On Saturday the girls have ZUMBA class, which they are really looking forward to. Chloe has Odyssey of the Mind today and tomorrow AND Hannah wants to go roller skating again. Also on Saturday when Darr gets home from work, and knows he has passed his exam :) we he will be packing up ALL of the nursing books that have been on the living room floor for the last (almost)THREE years. I can't wait. (Again MarC, your day is coming soon).
Monday Hannah starts play rehearsal. Little League sign up this weekend and next as well. I'm not sure who is going to play.
Now for the pictures.

Dillon, jumping of course, on the couch in our room. Chloe and Hannah's pull out bed. And yes his bathingsuit is on backwards.

The pool:

***No, he didn't throw that in the pool :)***

Photos by Hannah

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