Thursday, September 15, 2011

The bus stop.....

This year the kids are getting on the bus at the other end of our road. Actually it's a different road, different bus, but best of all, a different time. Last year the girls were on the bus ~7:35am but didn't get home until after 3pm. Needless to say Dillon can't handle that. Well, Dillon could handle it easily but nobody else could! We have a limited amount of "medicated" time with Dillon and I didn't want it wasted on him riding all over town on a bus. So the new bus route gets them home by 2:40pm. They are the second to last ones on and the second ones off in the afternoon. They go right from the end of the road to school. Perfect. And they get to ride the bus with their cousin Ida.
They do miss their old bus driver Bob though! Annie, the "new" bus driver is great as well. We are very lucky with our bus drivers :)

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