Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Apple Picking.......

Back about a month ago we went apple picking. We went to a different orchard then we normally go to, just to try something different. This orchard was a bit more low keyed then the other one but was just as good. We rode on a tractor pulled wagon which was different then we had done before. Dillon of course was so excited about the tractor. After apple picking we watched some women practice barrel racing on horses. After that we went into the barn and petted some farm animals. The nice thing about this orchard was we spent less money!

Some apples were a bit sour, but most were perfect!

Even those who are only at the 38% in height could even reach the apples! Good picking Hannah!

Where's Dillon? We say that a lot.

Even Darr made a new friend.....


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