Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Carving 2011

Saturday we carved pumpkins. Some of us felt the need to wear embalming gloves (Chloe). Some of us felt the need to go play in the other room because "that pumpkin stuff feels gross on my hands" (Dillon, the embalming gloves were way too big for him). BUT others dug right in and enjoyed every minute of it, even picking out the seeds so we could bake them (Hannah). Anyway they came out just perfect (the seeds did too. That was Darr's contribution).

 I'm not really sure what look she was going for. Her pumpkin has the biggest mouth I've ever seen.

 Dillon, Chloe and Hannah's finished pumpkins. They are in the house because of the 2 snowstorms we've had already!

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