Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Boston~Part 2.....

On our second day in Boston we had planned to go to the IMAX theater at the aquarium to see "Under the Sea". It was a 45 minute movie, all filmed under the sea. It was amazing! After that we headed to the Boston Children's Museum.
To get to the museum we rode on the subway, then walked a few blocks. It was a Saturday and the place was PACKED. I guess we really shouldn't have been surprised. The museum was really fun....for Dillon. Hannah enjoyed it and Chloe wasn't overly impressed but didn't complain :) I would say it is really meant for younger children.
Dillon resting up.
Hannah "planning" our trip.

The Subway

The Children's Museum

Making bubbles

The Nature Center

Inside here were various household items. The kids had to guess what they were.

This area of the museum was all about movement. There were various displays the kids could drop golf balls down to see how they moved.

This seat Hannah is sitting on was hooked to a rope. They could pull themselves up....or have a brother or Dad do it.


The kids used "muscle power" to turn the ceiling fan.

By pulling this rope, the kids could launch a tennis ball. 

Dillon put all of his 40 pounds into it.

The harder you sat on this seat the brighter the lights would shine.

More climbing...

The water/sand center. Where do I begin?!?! Great idea BUT some of the displays hadn't been "tested" on 5 year old boys. This was really fun though. Dillon was a bit wet when we finally "encouraged" him to move on to the next thing. I would recommend this in the summer if you have to walk to the subway (he didn't complain though, about being all wet).


Shadow making....

Dillon pretending to drive a school bus.

Gears in a "kindergarten classroom".

A "health center" where the kids could see how hard it is to breath with lung disease (asthma).

Arthurs campground.

Arthurs classroom.

Hannah hula hooping.

Dillon in the wood craft center....using a saw.

Outside our hotel window.

We had a great time in Boston. We did eat dinner at Cheers. The kids didn't understand why we wanted to go there :)

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