Thursday, March 1, 2012

Picture-less Post.....

Today the kids have a snow day. I remember when it took more then 4" to close the school but apparently that's not today. We were supposed to get more but of course we didn't, which is fine with me. We've had a wonderful winter! Our heating bill is proof.
Chloe and her fellow 6th grade classmates really could've used school today. They were going to have a dress rehearsal of their play "Charlotte's Web" this evening. No worries though. The show must and will go on :) We are very excited to see it this weekend. They have been practicing so much!
Hannah on the other hand needed the snow day. Last night she had a temperature of 102, stuffy nose and needless to say felt horrible. She woke up feeling better. This afternoon she was well enough to go out to play with Dillon. Unfortunately she wasn't well enough to go play with her cousin Ida this morning...but Chloe did.
Dillon surprised me and didn't complain about school being canceled. He really loves school. He played in the bathtub for awhile, enjoying his green water. He loves to have the water a "different" color. (Crayola makes bathtub tints). He was excited to head outside this afternoon to play in the snow....finally. He is having a good time now sledding with Hannah.
Our Mountain Dog is terrified of the snow falling off the roof. He "hid" upstairs for awhile today. He couldn't resist going out with the kids though. Both our dogs like nothing better then to be outside with "their" kids.

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