Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Charlotte's Web~Show #1

Each year at our school the 6th grade puts on a play. This year Chloe is in 6th grade and the show was "Charlotte's Web". The kids did an wonderful job! (I will say ALL of the plays at our school are wonderful). Mrs. Skelly, Mrs. Payne, Mrs. Stokem and Mrs. Suzi Thomas (and many others) all did amazing. We really appreciate all of their time and hard work. It certainly paid off! Chloe really enjoyed it.

****If you want to see the pictures larger, just click on them.****

 Mrs. Skelly~The play director (and Hannah's teacher)
 Chloe is a chicken, next to the owl.

 Here is "Wilbur" and "Fern". Poor "Wilbur" is actually very sick. This poor kid was/still is battling some type of stomach bug.

 "Charlotte" and "Wilbur".

Here Chloe is "attending the fair".

 "Uncle" the pig, just recently broke his leg :(

 Here Chloe is "Arania" the baby spider.

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