Friday, July 6, 2007

Bad news-July 6

We were just informed that we got another previo (kicked out of PGN). Apparently our reviewer, who was supposedly a great reviewer isn't. She now feels that the bio moms signatures don't match and they must be redone. Getting the bio mom to the appointments is like pulling teeth. Last time she had to redo the interview it took 3 months. Now that this has happened we have no idea when Dillon will be home. The bio mom is so unreliable. Our adoption supervisors say they believe that all these previos are due to anti adoption feelings in Guatemala. Call me wrong but aren't the adoptions putting food on alot of people's tables?

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Lee Anne and John said...

absolutely apalling that is all I can say! I am so sorry! Maybe someday we will get out together and be able to pick up our sons!
Lee Anne