Monday, July 2, 2007

June 28-12 months old

Dillon went for his one year check up, not with Dr. Montiel though. He will see Dr. Montiel July 5-or so I was told. They used the same measurements as Dr. Montiel did on June 5. This is what the report told us: he has 4 teeth, still on formula, drinks 6-7 7ounce bottles per day, eats beans, bread, fruit,vegetables,chicken and soup (is not a picky eater and will eat anything), sleeps from 10 pm until 7 am and takes a 2 hour nap. He is a very hyperactive child and likes to explore and touch everything. He crawls very well and pulls himself up holding onto furniture. He likes to watch tv and loves the Disney channel. He is very close to his foster mother but he is not shy at all and loves to socialze with other people. He is also up to date on his shots.

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