Thursday, July 5, 2007


Our update this week was the same as last week-no new news. Right now our file is in PGN (this stands for something in spanish, but is basically the attorney generals office). While in PGN the file is reviewed by two reviewers and Mr. Barrios-not sure of his official title. If any mistakes are found your file is "kicked out" and the mistakes must be corrected. Then you are resubmitted to your reviewer and the process starts all over. Right now we are with the first reviewer who kicked us out June 6 and we were resubmitted June 22. She said we needed a certain certificate and once that was obtained she would sign off on our case and send us to the next reviewer. So we are waiting for her to sign off on our case. She is known as a very good reviewer, so hopefully the next reviewer won't find anything wrong. After the second reviewer our file will go to Mr. Barrios desk where he too will review it and give it the final signature. Our adoption supervisors (private attorneys in Guatemala we hired to work for us-not the agency or the attorneys handling the adoption) thought she would get to it very soon, maybe next week. However we have heard this before.

Dillon is due to go to the doctor, so when I get his report I will post it. Here is another picture from his one year appointment. I'm not sure if he is hitting at someone or waving. He does look like he has had it with that appointment!

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