Thursday, December 6, 2007

DNA delay-Big surprise.

Well as expected their has been a delay with the DNA, thus insuring Dillon won't be home for Christmas. The sample was taken last Friday, but for some unknown reason it was not shipped to the US until yesterday. Most labs ship it the same day. Must be a good lab the lawyers use. Our social worker, Debbie, who is great, really, is going to check on the sample this morning to see if this information is correct (true). For some reason the agency must call, not the family. As far as the I-72 that was issued by the US embassy, the lawyers are going to resolve that today, yes, many days after they said they were. Seems to be a pattern here. Now we have been instructed to contact our Senator to help resolve this. I'm not certain that is actually necessary, but we'll do it. I really think the lawyers want us to be distracted and to stop with the rotten emails to them. Some day I will do a post all about our lawyers, but not now.

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