Monday, December 17, 2007


Well, still no pink (appointment). If we don't have our appointment by Jan. 12 it is going to be delayed for a while. Our I-171 expires. This is a document from the US basically giving us permission to adopt. We never, ever imagined this would happen. We were "out", approved on Oct.5. Normally it takes no more then eight weeks to complete and here we are going on 3 months. To renew it, we have to have our homestudy updated. Who knows how long that will take, then we will have to wait for the US to issue a new I-171. We have information coming from the agency on how to get the homestudy updated. Along with that will come a nice big "fee". Very few appointments were given out today, I'm sure due to the lack of staff for the holidays. The one appointment that I saw posted was for Jan. 4. We did get a polaroid picture of Dillon from his DNA appointment. He looks very happy playing with the paper on the exam table. I keep you posted.

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