Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!!

All right, it is almost Jan. 2 so the US embassy better get ready. Adoptions are changing this year in Guatemala. Good or bad, I'm not sure but it won't effect us. Some say this is part of the delays at the embassy. On all of the message boards I have not seen anyone that has been waiting as long as us (Dec. 11). It is our turn-lets go. Darr's fathers cousin is now helping us with this nightmare. She worked for a Senator (until recently) and has many connections with Immigration and Homeland Security. Hopefully after a few phone calls this will be resolved. The other problem is our I171 expires on Jan.12. I will post any new information.

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Keith and Kris said...

We're certainly waiting to see your PINK post. You've waited far too long!