Friday, January 4, 2008

No Appointment YET

Yesterday we made a lot of progress if DHS did as we were told. Our documents should be with the people who issue the appointments. I'd like to say Monday we will get an appointment for Friday, but honestly I've never read of anything that quick. It is possible because of all the intervention we have had from Senators, etc. and the fact that they know our I-171 expires on the 12th they may feel sorry for us and issue the appointment for Friday the 11th. Either way we are leaving Tuesday and will be gone until the next Tuesday. Dillon will stay with us while we are there. Worst case, he goes back to the foster home and we come home and schedule the social worker to do the update. I really don't know how long that will take. They have to come to our home and do an interview type thing. I'm not sure as this is only an updated homestudy, not a new one. Then the SW writes up the report and it goes to Homeland Security in Latham. Actually it goes there after our fingerprints come back (I think???). Our fingerprints were taken on Dec. 22nd and should be done soon. I'll keep you all posted and look for pictures on Wednesday!

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