Thursday, January 3, 2008

Where do I even begin?

I don't even know where to begin. Back in Nov. we were issued an I-72 by the US Embassy. This stated that they were missing a document. We told our lawyers and they resubmitted it. Well, today we found out (from the "head" of Homeland Security in the US embassy, in Guat.)that the person that the lawyer sent to do this did not have "permission" to enter the Embassy, so it never happened. I must say the "man" was so helpful and nice. Now the lawyers side to the story is the Embassy has all needed documents. Who do we believe?? Like I said before, someday I will do an entry about our "lawyers", but not today. Now the lawyers must resubmit the document to the embassy and it is closed to them tomorrow. We are hoping they have it resubmitted on Monday. Darr and I are going down there on Tuesday until Tuesday the 15th in hope that the US Embassy will take pity on us and give us an appointment after the lawyers submit the paperwork. This is a long shot, but they have been sympathetic towards our situation given that our I-171 (permission to adopt) is going to expire on the 12th.
Darr told Hannah this (in 5 year old terms) after school. Chloe isn't home yet. Hannah at first was excited but then came in the house and put her face down in a pillow. Darr told her their is a chance that Dillon is not coming home yet. Hannah has not shown much emotion about this whole adoption, until today. I will say she got over it fast. I will keep you all posted.

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Marcy said...

Oh, your poor girls, it must be so confusing for them (considering how confusing it is for the adults, even lawyers!)
We are thinking of you guys. I can't wait to check in and see news that Dillon is on his way home!!
Good luck, Marcy