Friday, February 22, 2008

More sickness......

Hannah woke up with a fever on Monday and has had one ever since. I took her to the doctor and they ruled out strep throat and ear infections. Just a virus with a cold. Yesterday Dillon woke up with a fever and the start of a cold. So today we are going back to the doctor with Dillon to be told probably the same thing we were told with Hannah. They both have a cough, Hannah's coughing much more often but I worry about croup with Dillon. It is that type of cough. Hannah seems fine, I'm just treating the fever. We went to the dentist yesterday for a cleaning and to run a bunch of errands as well. Dillon had to stay home with Darr (he has Thursdays off). I told the hygienist she could skip Hannah due to the cough but she said her son has the same thing. So we got the dentist done. The eye doctor (and the pediatrician) today. The girls have this amazing power to destroy glasses. I have no idea how their lenses got so CRACKED! These glasses are 2 months old and they both needed all new lenses. The eye dr. has never seen anything like it. The girls are really not that rough. I'm questioning the lenses??? Darr has the camera for something at school , so I don't have any new pictures-sorry!

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