Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Our trip to the ER

Early Monday morning Chloe woke up with a really bad headache so she stayed home from school, which put Hannah into a complete rage. Hannah went off to school really mad and crying. Thanks to Bob the bus driver and Aunt Holly, Hannah made it into school. Chloe on the other hand didn't do as well. Her headache just kept getting worse and worse. I took her to the pediatrician yesterday afternoon and he was VERY concerned. She had a fever along with the headache. He sent us to the Glens Falls ER (he mentioned Albany Med, but I wasn't sure I could find my way without Darr). We went home and got Darr, my mother stayed with Hannah and Dillon and off to the ER we went. The pediatrician thought that a CT scan and a spinal tap would be done to check for meningitis or a brain bleed or infection. When we saw the ER doctor he said none of that would be necessary-thank God! Apparently their is a virus going around that our Ped. hasn't seen yet. The ER dr. had seen many kids in the last week with this-headache, fever, cough and it is just a virus. Treatment is tylenol and ibuprofen to control the fever. He did a strep test, chest x-ray and an urinalysis and all came back negative. Chloe is staying home today,but is 100% better. Hopefully Hannah and Dillon don't get this!

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