Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dillon's haircut and "barn" boots

With "mud season" approaching I decided to get Dillon used to rain/barn/mud boots. When the girls were younger and Darr was working on the farm, they always called these boots "barn-boots". He was very hesitant to put them on, but once he got them on, he decided he really liked them. He will now walk outside on pavement without any problems. I don't think grass and sand are going to be a huge problem- should we ever see them again. Actually we have hardly any snow left, which means mud is just around the corner.
We have been working on Dillon eating foods other than fruit. I would love to know what exactly and how his foster mom fed him. I don't know if he is just "testing" us or if food really is this foreign to him. She said he ate everything. I still feel she was a great foster mom, but I just don't know what to make of this food situation. So far we have gotten him to eat pasta, rice and eggs. In order to do this we have to STRONGLY ENCOURAGE him to eat it. Once we get the food in his mouth he eats it willingly. Getting it in his mouth is the challenge. Once it is in his mouth everyone in the room must clap and cheer. Aren't we going to look stupid in a restaurant???? We also "reward" him by giving him strawberries after each bite. Oh what we do for our kids!!
Today Darr, Chloe and Dillon got their haircut. We gave Dillon a lollipop for the first time. I think it helped keep him still. Even when it was covered with hair he kept on licking. It made him a big sticky, hairy, red mess-but his hair got cut. Nice job Gail. On the way home we got ice cream and of course that could not cross his lips! He won't eat it because it is cold.
I mailed his foster mom some pictures and a card today. Hopefully it gets to her and she doesn't have to pay any taxes (or whatever) to get it. I would hate to mail her something and have her not able to get it due to money.

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