Friday, April 25, 2008

The mighty woodchuck hunter

Braedyn and his kill-the woodchuck

Braedyn, loyal friend.

Braedyn-the closest he could get to a mountain.

Braedyn in the winter-his favorite time of year.

Braedyn the puppy.

Braedyn, the mighty woodchuck hunter. He is a Bernese Mountain dog and is a bit overweight, but the happiest animal I have ever seen. He is by no means the smartest dog or animal I've ever seen, but happy. He is large, has a lot of hair and eats a lot but a great family pet. Lately he has taken to hunting, killing and bringing home his prey-the woodchuck. Darr takes the kill and buries it. Well for the last two days Braedyn has had a very bad odor. So I think he as another woodchuck "hidden" somewhere that he has been rolling in. We wash him, only for him to disappear the next day and come back stinking.
We also have a neurotic Golden Retriever, Kolby, and he stays in the yard because of the wireless electric fence that Braedyn runs through.
Kolby, the nut.

We are getting to the time of the year he hates. For the obvious reason, he hates the heat. We tried to shave him, but apparently he is afraid of the clippers. I think he saw Kolby's haircut and thought, NO WAY.

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