Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Spring has sprung. Now it will probably snow! Dillon and the girls played outside all afternoon yesterday. He has overcome his fear of grass and dirt. He will walk on both. I'm not sure about bare feet yet. Unlike his crazy sisters, he kept his shoes on. As far as the sandbox, he will hold sand but isn't really into it..........yet.
Feeding is going very well. He willingly eats what we feed him off a spoon or fork. He has never had M&M's, as far as I know, but on Sunday he didn't hesitate to try them. If I had put a piece of meat on his tray, forget it. I would have to feed him the meat, but the M&M's went right down. How does he know the good stuff ?????
We are also noticing Dillon is trying to say more words. They basically all sound the same, but he is trying. At the grocery store he was saying "Sponge Bob". I didn't think anyone would know what he was saying, but the lady behind me said to him, "oh, yes Sponge Bob". He was holding yogurt with Sponge Bob on it, but I really think she understood him.
Poor Hannah is home sick today. She started throwing up at 5 am. As of now she seems better. Hopefully the rest of us don't get it. We have had enough illnesses in this house.

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