Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fun in the snow....

Darr has been taking the kids out to "sleigh" the modern, lazy way....towing them with a four-wheeler. Hey,it works for me. Yesterday they all went. Dillon loved it as much as the girls but I was grocery shopping when he was riding so I don't have any pictures (maybe it's better that way:) Today Dillon is taking a nap, so I just have pictures of the girls.
The dogs are going crazy. They love to chase the four wheeler, but it is too dangerous so they are locked in the house....NOT HAPPY.
Tomorrow is Dillon's big day in court (hopefully I never have to write that again). We are all going so the girls will be a bit late for school. He will have his name officially changed and we will be able to get new birth certificates with his "real" name on them.

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McKenna said...

hah i was laughing so hard at hannah screeming all the way down the driveway!