Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'll explain...

In the last post I posted a picture. (No, it's not a body. Those of you who know I'm a funeral director may have thought "she's lost her mind").... It's our Christmas tree. Actually it has been put away since the beginning of January but I thought it was a funny picture. When the "bag" was delivered by UPS, we were tempted to have Darr lay in the bag, then "surprise" the girls when they came home from school, but decided not to. I honestly don't think it would have surprised them and we would probably have just gotten the old "eye roll".
This morning I discovered Dillon's reindeer (the one he sucks on and truly loves) on the living room floor. It never went to bed last night with him-that's a first. I would have expected a HUGE fit when he went to bed but no. Wow, what a big boy. He was very happy to see it though.

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