Monday, September 21, 2009

Coco Key Water Park....

Louie, Dillon, Dominic and Angela.....the 4 Guate. Tots :)

On Friday we headed to Massachusetts to the Marriott Hotel with the Coco Key Water Park in it to meet, for the first time, some other families who have adopted from Guatemala. Four families met there and we all had a great time. It was nice to meet other parents of Guatemalan children.
We played in the waterpark on Friday afternoon, then we all headed to Applebees for dinner. While in the pool, Dillon decided that he knew how to swim. He was so funny, so confident that he could swim....with a life jacket on of course. NO FEAR!!! Chloe of course loved the BIG water slides and Hannah liked the "wipe-out obstacle" in the pool. We all LOVED the hot tub. Good thing Dillon's 8, because no children under 6 were supposed to be in the hot tub.....many were however:) (Dillon tells people he's idea why)
On Saturday we played for a bit at the waterpark then headed off for our 3 hour trip home....well worth it however :) I'm so glad we had this opportunity!

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Tamara said...

It was great... Thanks for coming!!!! I am so ready to go back!! Miss the friends and family!