Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School....

Today was the first day of school for everyone, except Darr....he starts tomorrow. Chloe started 4th grade, Hannah started 2nd grade, and Dillon started preschool. They were all ready to go back and Dillon was so excited to start preschool.
Our kids no longer get on the bus at our house, but now at the end of the road which is going to be difficult in the winter. We live on a back road where the road barely gets plowed, so parking on the side is going to be tough. It is too far for them to walk alone safely and honestly they don't want to. So our neighbors, down the road have offered their driveway to us. They will have it clear of snow....somewhat and the bus goes by their house, so I think that will be our plan once it gets snowy and icey.
Everyone had a good day and no complaints from them or their teachers......yet :) However Dillon did tell us he peed outside, which would've been the playground. Oh, well it wasn't in his pants!

Chloe, not wanting her picture taken, Hannah a bit excited and Dillon eating his string cheese just before we loaded up to go to the bus.

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