Saturday, September 5, 2009

Washington County Fair pictures...

The kids all LOVED the fair this year. Dillon was able to be "free" from his stroller. He especially loved riding the Crazy Bus. Hannah really enjoyed the bumper cars she rode with Darr. Chloe loved any ride that went fast! We went a few times so we certainly got our fill of the fair :)

Now we are gearing up for school. Chloe is going into 4th grade, Hannah is going into 2nd and Dillon is starting his first year of preschool. Darr is also going back for his final semester of college, graduating in December as a RN (of course after passing his board exams :)

Once I can get some "good" picture(s) of the kids I will be having Nikki redo our blog with an autumn theme.

Nikki uses the money she makes designing blogs to help her travel to do humanitarian work. She is just amazing. For the month of September she will be doing all blogs for just $20. That's $10 off for new costumers and $5 for returning customers. SOOOO everyone with a blog, check out Nikki's blog and have her make your blog even MORE awesome then it already is:)

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