Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beautiful SUMMER weather???? was a really HOT weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday I think were in the 80's. Saturday was the kick off of Little League. Hannah did really well. Chloe's not interested, which is fine. Dillon did awesome wrestling (during Hannah's game)with his friend from preschool, Brayton. Boys will be boys I guess. Nobody was hurt and they really were having innocent fun. It all started with tickling each other with grass. I am trying to think of something I can bring with us to keep him busy. Hannah and Ida basically spent the weekend together starting with movie night Friday at school, then at little league (they are on the same team which makes things easy for Gramie and Grampie). Then Saturday night Hannah spent the night at Ida's and we all met at church. Ida came home from church with us to play for awhile. To keep cool they played with the hose and sprinkler. We ended our weekend with our weekly dinner with Meme and Papa.
Here are some "sprinkler" pictures, with a special little face at the end :)

Dillon sucking his stomach HE has too. I do feed him, really.
Look at that cute face. Our Jaggar :) He's wondering who turned up the heat!

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