Monday, May 10, 2010

The cemetery of course....

Friday afternoon Chloe had her friend Kyndra over to spend the night. I needed them to get off the bus at Meme and Papa's house as I had a doctors appointment to have some stitches removed (that's another story). Meme really needed to get to the cemetery to weed the flowers on my grandmothers grave. SO she loaded the kids up (right as I got back from the doctor) and off to the cemetery we went. My kids love the cemetery. Actually any cemetery. Heck we even live next to the cemetery. They have been taught how to behave in the cemetery and know what it's all about. (Of course me being a funeral director had nothing to do with their vast knowledge of cemeteries:) This was a new experience for Kyndra however. She handled it like a champ. I dare say she had a good time. Phew...I didn't want to scare or horrify the kid.
As you look at the pictures, the one with the kids sitting on the "edge" is the angel that is in the photo in the last post. It is my grandmothers family. We have strict rule about climbing on stones. You DON'T do it. Unless it's ours of course.

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