Friday, May 7, 2010

Little League.....

This is Hannah's first year playing Little League and so far she really likes it. She has either practice or a game two days a week. Chloe and Dillon really enjoy going as well. Chloe "hangs out" with her friends and Dillon runs, wrestles, and plays cars and dinosaurs with his friends. Dillon however has attended possibly his last game as I am sooooo lucky that McKenna has agreed to babysit Dillon at home during Little League. I am admitting defeat. I can't watch him, Hannah and at least know where Chloe is, all at the same time. In public Dillon requires a LOT of attention. I basically can not take my eyes off of him.....which makes me miss just about ALL of Hannah's game. I feel bad making him "miss out" on this "play time" but he will have just as much fun with McKenna. Good luck McKenna :)......and THANK YOU.

All photos were taken by Chloe as I was.......watching Dillon.

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