Thursday, August 7, 2008

Camping 2008...

Happy camper.
Wild campers.
Wow, a dorito.
Chloe and McKenna Crazy camper.

It seems that McKenna was trying to sleep. Dillon obviously thought it was some type of game.

Hannah, water and mud.

Dillon and a really funny hammock.

Hannah and the boomerang. She loved it and spent countless hours throwing it.

Winston. Winston got a lot of exercise when he was on the ground. Dillon thinks that Winston is for chasing. Usually with a dump truck, shopping cart or stroller. Winston eventually gave up and spent most of the "vacation" on someones lap.
Dillon "checking" Winston's ears then following up with a kiss.

Dillon and Meme, who he calls Papa. Not sure why.

Chloe eating a cookie.

Hannah in the camper.

Our camper from Meme and Papa's site. I know they were soooo happy to be in the leanto right next to us!!!

Darr's Dutch oven that he cooked Easy Cheesy Beef and Potatoes for dinner in on Monday night. It was a big hit. The girls even had it for lunch the next day. Below is Darr cleaning the "oven" after dinner.

Buckles kept Dillon busy.

Dillon and a juice box. Juice boxes are a great source of entertainment for him as he usually only gets them outside. They are so great, he was sharing them with Winston (the pug). Poor Winston.
Dillon spent a lot of time on the table. I'm not sure why. Not sure why we let him???

Okay, who can guess what he is doing? The girls had dug a hole and filled it with water. He is blowing bubbles duh.

We went on our first camping trip with Dillon. May I add our last camping trip with Dillon-for this year anyway. He basically ran non-stop, which we expected. The girls, including McKenna were a huge help with the chasing. It seems though they were off duty at times. Like when we found him in the neighbors site helping them put their tent up, or when we found him in the neighbors mini van with their daughter (I will say in Dillon's defense, she looked sooo much like McKenna). While we were at the beach he went to this woman who was reading a book and sunbathing. When I went to get him, he kept telling me "NO" and looking at me like I was totally embarrassing him! She said he was fine, but I knew he was on his way into the chair with her. Dillon played on the shore and wasn't crazy about the water but did go in with Darr and played. The girls loved it of course! I forgot the camera on the trips to the beach and playground but have lots of pictures at our site.
I don't think Dillon had ever slept in a pack-in-play, and don't think he ever will! He did sleep with us but was very restless. Tuesday morning Dillon woke up around 5am. Around 5:30 am our awning came down and knocked in our door, with a huge amount of water. Dillon didn't even flinch or stop talking. Chloe slept through it and Hannah was in the leanto with McKenna and my parents. Later that morning me, Darr and Dillon went home for a little while because of the thunderstorms. Dillon wouldn't stay "under cover" and would have been soaked. Once we got back the weather was fine.

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