Thursday, August 21, 2008

Washington County Fair 2008

On Tuesday we went to the Washington County Fair. That was "Dillon's Day". We looked at all the animals, played a few games and had some "fair food". He is afraid of the rides and I knew he would have NO fun just sitting in the stroller watching the girls. So I had the girls prepared to just LOOK. Of course not as much fun as rides and games, but they knew their day was coming.
On Wednesday we went back to the fair and met up with the girls friends Charity and Mikayah. They had a blast!!! I knew without Charity and Mikayah, Chloe and Hannah would hesitate to go on rides. We were so happy to enjoy the fair with them. (Especially because Grampie Hanks bought us soooo many ride tickets. Thanks so much Grampie :)
Chloe and Charity going down the huge slide.
The four girls in a fun house, which by the way they loved. I think they would have stayed there all day! I don't think the guy "running" the fun house would have noticed either :)
Hannah in a fun house.
Still in the fun house.
More of the fun house.
The girls getting ready to go down the slide.
Hannah and Mikayah going down the slide.

Chloe and Hannah fishing.
Dillon asleep.
Hannah with her first candy apple.
Darr, Chloe and Hannah on the Ferris wheel.
Chloe and Hannah on a ride.

Dillon enjoying the animals. Many times I had to stop him from feeding the animals fruit loops. He would throw them soooo fast though!

Hannah holding a baby duck. Chloe didn't want to and I didn't think it was a good idea for Dillon to hold it.
Three Hanks kids admiring a pig.

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