Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pool Party 2008...

Chloe, Hannah, Jordin and Dillon waiting for the guests.
Fun in the pool.

Trampoline time.
Dillon looking like he might be missing something.
What a crew!
Dillon and "his girls".

Dillon sharing his juice box.

The girls drawing on themselves (and each other) with special crayons.

Water balloons :)

The girls had their second annual pool party today. There were 14 kids total. A few less than last year. There was swimming, face painting, trampoline jumping, ladder golf and watermelon (plus other great snacks). Dillon was the youngest and Chloe was the oldest. Most of the kids were friends of Chloe's and their younger siblings. A great time was had by all. We want to give Meme and Papa Jackson a big "THANKS". One, for allowing us use of the pool and two, for all of the hard (yard) work you did for us.
****Keep in mind that face paint isn't permanent. So some of the kids look bruised. That would be the combination of face paint and swimming.

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