Monday, August 18, 2008

Vodka,Tattoos and our son...

Here are a few more pictures from camping. Meme wasn't certain she could "make it" through camping (with our kids) without an occasional bloody mary. Dillon found the bottle of vodka. (Actually it was sitting on the table with him and he tried to drink it.) Any bottle he will try to "drink". Obviously the top was on tight and we didn't allow him to drink any (even though we were certain it would make him sleep :) Next came the tattoos. The girls had "fake" tattoos (which by the way I HATE-hypocrite, I know) and thought that Dillon should have one as well. The only problem was they were all princesses. We did find this "vine-type" tattoo that seemed a bit boyish. He was quite proud of his "tat".

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