Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday afternoon....

Three stooges

Dillon wearing Hannah's bike helmet.

Dillon having a fit because Hannah needed her helmet back.
The supervisor :)

Dillon playing with some pebbles.
Dillon trying to decide if he should try to get on Hannah's bike. He knew better!
Loading his cup in his truck.
Who knows what they were doing.

"I'm pretty sure I can rip all of these sparkly things off". (Just like Hannah did to the other side when it was Chloe's bike :)

Saturday afternoon we took the kids down the road to the "farm house" which happens to have a tennis court. Darr's father grew up in this house on a large farm. The farm is still owned by the family. Anyway, the kids love riding their bikes and scooters on it. (Nobody has played tennis in a while). Dillon of course was dripping in sweat because he spent a lot of time running up and down with his truck.
Thanks again to Rays Supply for fixing the settings on my camera again. I expect to be barred from the store soon!!!! I do promise to buy my next camera there however.

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